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Hi! My name is Robie (Roberta Allis Waterworth) Born and raised in Vestal, NY,  My passion in life has always has been interior decorating, gardening, dog rescue, chemical free living..

A few years after graduating from SUNY Brockport, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, entered a into a career in sales, first sound systems for theaters, and stereo conversion for TV and Radio and biotech sales. After a layoff.moved to beautiful New Hampshire and spent almost 20 years selling office furniture, doing space planning and color coordination. Spent weekends and evenings gardening both butterfy and hummingbird, hiking the wonderful trails in New Hampshire, kyacking..  For all of these years, one of my hobbies of collecting and burning candles. In 2007, I adopted a wonderful dog name Bingo, a kill shelter rescue. We became a Therapy Dog Pair, and did homevisits for the rescue I adopted him from, fostered 2 wonderful dogs.

In 2009, We, Kevin, Bingo and I, moved to Florida. The transition was sometimes, not as was had hoped, the road was a bit bumpy. Two months after we moved, we took in Candy, born in a resuce, the rescue was facing foreclosure. She arrived, like everything else the road was bumpy, but we decided she was home.

In 2011, I took a candle making class, an awakening.  Did some research and suddenly I decided to take matters into my own hands, to make candles that are more health and environmentally friendly. After candle making on to Aromatherapy, beginner and advanced  I had already earned certifications for Interior Decorating and Feng Shui.


Once I had the basics down, I launched Aesthetic Candles, more or less a re-creation of Aesthetic Décor, a company I founded in 2006 in New Hampshire. Then in 2012 went “.com” in June after a very successful season at the Tarpon Sunday Morning Market. An even better season, year two at the Tarpon Sunday Market. Aesthetic Candles became a grower for the Suncoast Co-Op. My personal butterfly garden and the garden I maintain at John Chestnut Senior Park.became certified butterfly santuaries.

At the end of July, 2013, my sweet beautiful Bingo went to the Rainbow Bridge. Another bump. The three of us as still adapting to life without Bingo..

The 2013 Farmers Market Season is starting. Aesthetic Candles is well established. I will be doing more events. New Port Richey Fresh Friday, Barktoberfest, and EcoFest... and to be confirmed.

I spend my time at events, educating about Soy Candles, Butterfly Gardening.... chemical free options

Now it is 2014, I have expanded my offering. I now have bees wax candles the wax is from a local bee keeper. It has been a year since Bingo left me, he is still missed. We did adopt a lab puppy that was being re home. Micki. Candy and Micki are becoming pals. I have changed my events I am the M.O.M.s Friday Night Market and the Hernando County Market, Friday Nitghts and Saturdays. Monthly at Yappy Hour at Gill Dawgs.

Candles have been traditionally comprised of paraffin wax base and zinc based wicks. Both properties, when burned, emit toxins into the air that we breathe. My candles are all handmade, organic and earth friendly! All candles produced by Aesthetic Candles are made with 100% soy based wax, an all-vegetable wax that is bio degradable and burns clean without any harmful toxins. Wicks are 100% cotton. I choose scents that are representative of natural aromas found in fruits, herbs and in nature.


                             Robie, Roberta Waterworth

Aesthetic Candles

When you burn a candle, you’re more than likely looking for ambiance in a room, to cover up that wet dog smell, or bring the essence of Christmas or a fond memory to life. That’s why we scent our candles at the highest possible level. And because they are soy, you don’t get that burning paraffin smell, just pure aromatic goodness. Our Mission is to create, produce, and sell premium-quality 100% pure soy candles, no additives.  They are hand poured in Port Richey, Florida. Our candles are natural soy candles, organic soy candles and are the perfect choice for quality and cost conscious consumers. They will provide you the soothing and relaxing experience that candles are known for, but also provide you all these benefits in a much healthier way (without adversely affecting our environment.

Candle Safety

Always keep a burning candle within sight. Extinguish all candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep.

Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.

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Forever in My Heart



Blake (Foster)

2002 - 2013

Together  again with the Angles.

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