Aesthetic Candles

Candles 4 a Cause Scented Soy Candles

A portion of the sale of these candles will goes to support -Three local rescue groups

Raffle Rescue

Established in 2009

Most of the pet parents we have and are helping were considering surrendering their animals in some way, either to friends, family, a local shelter or animal control until… Raffle Rescue come to the Rescue to help them keep their animal family member home with them were they belong !     These little lives already have a home ! Together we can keep them in it !  Lisa Bekiaris, founder of Raffle Rescue

A clean and comfortable new cat shelter. Not your typical shelter. Cats are primarily housed in mini screened rooms, and only a small amount of cages for the kittens. They run around at night while we clean and get exercise and play with the other cats. Cats stay with us until adopted, and we have a no time limit return policy on adopted cats. Please note that no cat leaves our facility upon adoption. We deliver all cats to their new homes. All of our cats are well loved and cared for and have daily interaction with people and other felines

Tampa Bay Cat Alliance


 The Tampabay Cat Alliance feeds and neuters feral cats and kittens in an effort to control the population.  Your donation of food or funding will help us continue this
effort and we thank you for your kind assistance.