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Romantic Renaissance

The key to finding good dark floral fragrances are often formulated with a blend of heavy musk or spicy-smelling essential oils, a hint of vanilla and heavy floral accents that can not only produce a dramatic smelling perfume, but can even enhance your mood in the fall/winter weather. It’s been noted that a rich, dark fragrance creates a warmer feeling for the winter months, and experimenting with scents under the dark floral category may help you to find a few favorites to wear and to purchase as a gift for someone who may be looking for a nice fragrance to wear for the upcoming holiday season. As a helpful tip, look for floral notes that have rose, jasmine, iris or gardenia in them, paired with myrrh, patchouli, orchid,and amber. Just the right blend of these ingredients with other bold, background scents found in dark floral fragrances will accentuate your femininity while making a trendy fashion statement as well!

Black Ops s an oriental, alluring, masculine aroma that begins with citrus top notes of bergamot, and fresh lemon; leading to a middle note of olive flower; and sitting on base notes of Amber,Tonka bean and Guiac woods.  This scent smells similar to the Black Code fragrance.

Blue (Men's type) Smells just like the popular Abercrombie & Fitch* men's fragrance. A bold, scent of fresh melon and ozone with mid notes of sheer wood on a base of musk.

Burberry Brit (Men's type) Smells just like the popular Burberry* men's cologne.  Notes of lemon, ginger, amber wood and vanilla musk.
CK One (type) is Designer fragrance with a strong musky, ambery background.

Cognac & Cubans captures the smell of money, status and masculinity are wrapped into this blend of aromatic bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety cognac essences and rich, spiced tobacco leaves. Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Mid Notes: Cognac, Nutmeg, Crushed Tobacco Leaves Base Notes: White Woods.

Curved  is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh greens, warm wind, pepper, and finishing with mahogany and water. Similar to Liz Claiborne's curve for men scent.

Drakkar Noir (Men's type) a Modern "fougere" bergamot, lavender, oakmoss and woods.

Fierce (Type) a refreshing masculine blend of petitgrain, cardamom, and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oakmoss and brazilian rosewood. Inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne scent.  Top - petitgrain, cardamom, citrus,   Middle - jasmine, rosemary    Bottom - oakmoss, musk, wood 

Mahogany Coconut (type) Mahogany Coconut (type) is a unique blend of rare mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss. Inspired by the BBW® scent..

Obsession (Men's type) - Smells just like the popular men's designer fragrance.*  Green topnotes and a citrusy, floral, and spicy notes on a sweet woody background

Tommy (Men's type) Designer fragrance that smells just like the popular men's fragrance.