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Smudge and Incense is offered as a courtesy to our customers

Smudge Bundles

We have chosen to offer the mini 4” bundles, they are the most popular. We are offing these as a courtesy, we has so many requests. We found a good reputable source.

Mini Baby White Sage Smudge Stick  - $3.00 - $5.00 based on availability

Self Burning bundle of White Sage. For use in all Healing/Energy/Cleansing Work.

White Sage is traditionally used for Smudging. Strong scent of earth with powerful purifying/cleansing effects by smudge (smoke).  Sizes Vary Approx 3 to 4" length - Perfect for a one ritual smudge.

Cedar Smudge Stick - $6.00

Self Burning Wand of Cedar Wands from Oregon. Traditionally used for Smudging during sweat lodge ceremony to attract good and to get rid of negatives. You can also place a few pinches on burning charcoal.  Measure approximately 4-6 inches long.

Sacred Smudge - Sweet Grass Braid - $6.00

Approximately 28 inches of braided Sweet Grass.

Use for Smudging, Psychic Abilities and for Enhancing Dream Time. The smoke of the burning sweetgrass is known for purification and clearing/cleansing objects, placeas and people.

Abalone Shell - Whole $5.00

Turkey Smudging Feathers  $6.00

If you do come to any of the markets were I set up, to order email me [email protected]

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